Sweet Vinaigrette Is The Perfect Summer Salad

Warm weather is on its way. It makes us want food that’s a little lighter and lower in calories. Light food is also easier to transport in the summer for picnics or the beach. A vinaigrette salad works perfectly for the summer time.
A sweet vinaigrette salad dressing can be purchased in most stores, but you can also make it yourself rather easily. Simply mix 1 cup of oil with half as much vinegar. Add a teaspoon of salt and pepper, a teaspoon of minced garlic, and four tablespoons of sugar. Mix well.
Favored vinegar to use for this recipe are red wine vinegar or balsamic. You can reduce the sugar to taste.
If you will be eating the salad at a picnic, store the vinaigrette in a separate container from the salad, and mix it just before eating. This way the salad will taste as fresh as possible.
You can use sweet vinaigrette salad dressing over lettuce greens, cucumbers, or an all-tomato salad, or you can use it as a sauce over meats on the barbecue.