All About Traditional Mexican Food

Mexican cuisine has a lot more to offer than beefy enchiladas, spicy tacos and saucy guacamole. Take a deeper look across the country and you’ll discover many hidden gems in the form of mouth-watering lesser-known regional dishes like sopa de habas.

Besides tangy sauces and tasty dips, which are an integral part of the Mexican cuisine, like rich moles and pico de gallo, tortillas reign supreme everywhere.

But we cannot forget bread as Mexicans love to gorge on soft, fluffy bread. Get introduced to scrumptious Mexican sandwiches like the cemita poblana with fried cutlet, griddled pamboza and many more.

Try the super smooth peanut salsa as an accompaniment with chicken and shrimp and you’ll lick off every last morsel. When it comes to salsas, typical veggie ones like deep tomatillo salsa with chipotle and roasted garlic is worth a taste, or you could always go for a classic tomato salsa.

For a more tropical salsa, try different yummy versions made with pineapple, paired with some crispy tacos.

Taco fillings are as varied as you can imagine – from cumin-spiced potatoes to crispy fried fish – you can have any kind of filling here.

With all this spicy food, you need a thirst quencher, and Horchata is a refreshing almond and rice drink, perfect with a fish taco or spicy salsa.

Dessert is drool-worthy with Paletas, Mexico’s own ice pops, made with either tart tamarind or lush coconut.

A traditional Mexican Christmas dinner means friends, family, lots of food and tons of celebration. If you’re in Mexico for Christmas, don’t miss the authentic fare laid out everywhere on Christmas Eve as the food is simply unforgettable.